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  • Clay Roof Tiles - the traditional "Spanish" style clay tiles are the most well-known and
  • most well-known and
  • recognizable of roof tiles.
  • Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Interlocking Roof Tiles
  • Large Format Roof Tiles
  • Low Pitch Roof Tiles
  • Pantiles
  • Plain Roof Tiles
  • Double Roman Style Roof Tiles

Clay tiles have all of the same benefits that concrete roof tiles have. The inherent difference is that they weigh more than concrete roof tile, thus the need to ensure that your roof can support the weight. You may need to add support beams before beginning installation.

An Eagle Roofing Products concrete tile roof from DuraLast Roofing comes with a Lifetime Transferable Limited Product Warranty. Whereas most roofing industry warranties are non-transferable and eventually expire, our Lifetime Limited Product Warranty extends for the life of the structure and is transferable between structure owners one time.*

*Does not apply to HOA warranties.

The cost of your new roof will be dependent upon the size (square footage) of your roof, the type of shingles you choose, any damage that needs to be repaired, and any special work such as gutters, flashing, chimney, skylights or other additional needs.

Roofing work is very dependent upon the weather conditions. We always make sure the proper materials are on site and ready to go. Optimally, your old roof can be torn off and your new roof installed (plus or minus any extra work you need) in as little as 2-3 days. There is also a bit of debris cleanup that needs to be done at the end.

DuraLast Roofing, in addition to cash or check, accepts major credit cards and also provides excellent financing for your new roof if you so desire or require. Ask your representative for more details about payment options.

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